Accountability Report

We are delighted that we were able to support your application by funding your project or part thereof.

The last step of your application process is to complete accountability reporting on how, when and why the grant was used.

We explain in the following what this entails and have set up a simple one page Accountability Report Form to submit together with the relevant documents and expenditure information.

 Use of Funds

  • Financial Accountability means that you spend the funds as stated on your application form and budget.

  • If your project is unable to be completed or requires a variation in any form, please contact the GBCT as soon as possible with the reason for the variation and the new budget, so this can be submitted for consideration to the GBCT Committee and the Trustees.

 Due Dates for Reporting 

  • Accountability reporting needs to be completed within 12 months of receipt of the funds.

  • Ideally, it is completed as soon the funds are used and the project is completed. If your project cannot be completed within 12 months of the funds being received, please contact the GBCT to seek an extension on your application. Otherwise, funds may need to be returned.

 Further supporting evidence

  • Tell the GBCT how your project has benefitted the Community/Organisation. Provide as much information as you can, incl. evidence if possible (how do you know? e.g. surveys or testimonials etc.).

  • Was the support of the GBCT acknowledged? (E.g. social media, print, newsletters) Please attach evidence.

 Receipts and Expenditure documentation

  • As part of your financial accountability, supporting documents of the grant expenditure need to be submitted in form of e.g. invoices, receipts, statements or if applicable wage/salary records. 

  • All related documentation must be in line with the original grant application and what was approved by the GBCT.

Do you have questions or need help? Don't hesitate to  contact us


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