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The Golden Bay Community Trust is an incorporated charitable trust; our Charities Register number is CC57940.

Minutes GBCT AGM
Date: July 28th 2022

Trustees: Chairman Tom Sturgess, Vice Chairman Dorje Strang, David Lyttle, Bob Butts
Distribution Committee: Carolyn, Helen, Cheryl, Mark (apologies)
Administrator: Cher Hunter (minutes)

Meeting commenced 1pm

Tom addressed the room and discussed the GBCT from its inception. Acknowledgments were made to Mr and Mrs Butts for keeping the Trust going forward over the last 24 odd years.
Dorje has accepted a position of Vice Chairman of the Trustees. Tom Sturgess holds the Chairperson’s roll.
Helen had some questions for the Trustees on behalf of the distribution committee and asked for a meeting, it was agreed the Trustees would hold a separate meeting at the close of the AGM today.
Tom was acknowledged by Bob Butts for funding the trust thus far while it gets off the ground.
Robin Manson was elected as our interim Trustee by Dorje Strang and Seconded by Tom Sturgess.
The AGM minutes from 2021 were approved.  Bronte Kelly and Dorje Strang have been added as signatories for the NBS account.

We had 9 attendants from the public and the floor was opened up for questions of comments, 2 prior grant recipients thanked the GBCT for their contribution to their respective projects.

Meeting adjourned 1:32pm


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