Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from the GBCT Fund?

The Golden Bay Community Trust administers a fund established for the benefits of the residents of Golden Bay.

How much money can I apply for?

Most projects are expected to be in the $500.00 to $5,000.00 range. Larger applications will be considered. Projects may be funded whole or in part by the Trust. 

Can individuals apply for funding?

Individuals are eligible to apply for funding and will be judged on the merit of the application lodged.

Are there areas/activities that cannot be considered?

We do not fund:

  • Projects not benefitting people living in Golden Bay

  • Retrospective applications and grants (where projects have already been cost committed or been completed before the application is submitted)

  • Groups, organisations or individuals who oppose aquaculture in Golden Bay

  • Contribution to endowment fund, payment of deficit funding or repayment of loans

  • Underwrite fund-raising projects

  • Commercial organisations or commercial services

  • Local or central Government departments

  • Political parties or groups aligned with political parties

  • Projects intended to influence people religious choices or promoting any other particular beliefs

  • An individual seeking funds without the backing of their organisation or club

  • Fund expenditure related to core curriculum delivery in schools (ie IT equipment, teacher's salaries or operational costs)

  • Overseas travel for groups or individuals

  • Fund debt retirement

  • Projects outside of Golden Bay

  • Any applicant who has received funding in this funding year/within the last 12 months

    For further information and complete list of details, please refer to our Grant Guidelines for Applicants.

Our group/organisation is new - can I still apply?

Small unincorporated organisations which benefit the community can apply, provided that they have a set of rules or constitution and have been operational more than 12 months.

What are the deadlines?

The GBCT has two annual funding rounds. Application deadlines are February 28th and October 31st respectively.

Can I complete more than one application?

The Trust can only accept one application per organisation/club/individual per 12-month period. 

I have submitted my application - what happens next?

All applications will be assessed  and evaluated by the GBCT Distribution Committee after the close of the funding round. After the initial assessment and if the eligibility criteria are met, the Distribution Committee will forward their recommendations to the Trustees, who make the final decisions on funding.  Applicants will be informed of the outcome within 60 days from the cut off of a funding round or receipt of all information requested by the Distribution Committee.

Will I be notified if my application is unsuccessful?

All applicants, successful or not, will be informed about the outcome of their application within 60 days from the cut off of the respective funding round.

When will I receive the grant?

After you have been informed that your application was successful, the Trust's administrator will confirm your bank details and the grant will be paid asap from there.

The project for which we have received a grant has changed or cannot be completed - what do I do?

We are able to consider variations and/or extension requests. These must be submitted to the GBCT in writing.  A reason for the request to alter or extend the project needs to be provided along with information on when the funding will be spent by.  A new budget and outcomes for the variation/extended project need to be submitted. 

I have received the grant - what reporting do I need to provide and by when?

Proof of expenditure in form of receipts, statements, salary/wage documentation needs to be submitted within 12 months from receipt of the grant; ideally as soon as the grant money has been spent. The easiest way is to complete our Grant Accountability Report Form.

Publicity of the funded project

Where possible, successful applicants should acknowledge the GBCT grant in their marketing materials. This might include their website, social media, newsletters, posters etc.

Please note, that Individuals who receive funding will be kept anonymous.

Photos & Media

The Golden Bay Community Trust welcomes photos, videos or marketing material from your projects and with your permission would use some of these to post on the GBCT website.


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